In Heart of God Church we believe that students can do good and do well at the same time.  When students volunteer in church, excel in school and have great relationships with their families at the same time, these three aspects form a stable tripod that allows them to reach their full potential in life.

Every year, we dedicate a weekend to teach on Academic Excellence (AE). Since AE was launched in 2005, we have seen students improving in their grades, coming in top in their schools and growing in curiosity and confidence as they apply the principles of AE.

This 7-Message Collection contains the following ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE TEACHINGS:
(2006)  Genesis of a Genius Part 1
(2007)  Genesis of a Genius Part 2
(2008)  Genesis of a Genius Part 3
(2009)  Creativity, Ability, Productivity
(2011)  Curiosity and Rhythms
(2013)  Creating Winning Habits
(2014)  Ask Questions

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